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We have selected our lucky 35 participants for 2017! Stay tuned for more information




Venture Up's six-week summer programme is open to anyone aged 16-21, provided you have left secondary school. It is held from early January to mid February.

The programme is fully funded and participants have their accommodation and main meals for six weeks fully covered by our amazing sponsors!!


Between 26th July - 12th- August 2016, we traveled to 11 different locations as part of the annual Venture Up Roadshow. It was an amazing journey being able to connect with 200+ young aspiring entrepreneurs and give each person a slice of the Venture Up programme! Click the link to find out more below!





Six Weeks Hardcore

This is a full time programme designed to take your existing business experience to the next level. Based on expertise and insight from leading startup business accelerator Lightning Lab, Venture Up will help you to grow your skills, your ideas, your outlook and your opportunities.


The Startup Immersion Experience

Venture Up will take individuals committed to building businesses and surround them with a high-octane programme of entrepreneurial learning, business growth mentoring, pitch coaching and intense focus on what is required to achieve real impact in your market.


Bigger, Better, Faster

Venture Up participants form teams which are supported to build real businesses and products and to scale their market penetration and revenue potential towards larger and more global markets. On the shoulders of the Venture Up network, teams gain insights into new markets, new technologies and new horizons.


Up Showcase

Venture Up will offer teams the opportunity to pitch their business to potential partners. The six week programme culminates in an awesome Showcase event when teams present their businesses' potential and needs, and ask for support, mentorship and funding from the entrepreneurial and business community.

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