Venture Up is a full immersion entrepreneurship accelerator.

Based on the Lightning Lab accelerator programme, it is a full time 6-week entrepreneurship experience for the most promising young entrepreneurial minded New Zealanders.

You will build next steps your career as a business founder, entrepreneur or innovator, hands on, with support from leading business and technical experts, in the company of a select group of the best young entrepreneurial talent from around New Zealand.

You will build your own skillset through training sessions and leading methodologies being used by entrepreneurs around the world and by being fully on, 24/7, for 6 weeks.

You will become one of the Venture Up Alumni who represent the next generation of business and innovative leaders in New Zealand, connected to the business community and active in building companies, teams and themselves to be even more amazing.

To participate in Venture Up you will:

  • Be aged 16-21 years old.
  • Be able to dedicate just under 6 weeks from 9th January to 10th February 2017 (it ends before any tertiary education begins).
  • Be committed 5 days a week for the duration of the programme.
  • Be able to make your way to AUT (Auckland University of Technology) for the programme.
  • Be available for the bootcamp, held at AUT on 9th-11th December 2016.

Venture Up is powered by Creative HQ.

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