The Venture Up community is a collection of amazing people you will meet during the six weeks. They are entrepreneurs, experts, investors and business builders.

They will listen and advise, coach and assist, teach and test you as you drive your own expertise and venture to the next level.

Cameron Mehlhopt

CEO & Co-founder of StarNow

Bonnie Howland

Founder of Indigo & Iris

Oliviah Theyers-Collins

Programme manager for Venture Up

Daniel Tomlinson

Helping New Zealand businesses grow Big, Better, Faster at NZTE

Ezel Kokcu

Entrepreneur, co-founder of STQRY

Chris Clay

Education Innovator, Head of Find Your Billion at Singularity U

David Stokes

Product Innovation & Process Management Leader, Co-Founder - Velox Innovation

Sian Simpson

Global Community Manager at Kiwi Landing Pad

Adrian Falvey

Co-founder of Touchtech, Creative HQ alumni

Lee Bagshaw

Corporate technology lawyer at Simmonds Stuwart

Jessica Venning-Bryan

General manager of brand at Flick Co.

Rollo Wenlock

Co-founder and CEO of Wipster, Lightning Lab alumni

Rachel Taulelei

Business guru, founder of Yellow Brick Road & director on Kono board

Robert Bruce

Director of Special Initiatives at AUT

Jacob Duval

Co-founder at Mish Guru

Siobhan Warren

Graduate experience manager at Xero

Brett Holland

Head of acceleration at Creative HQ

Mark Vivian

Director, investor, partner at MOVAC

Mike Riversdale

Business expert, founder, Internet guru

Vaughan Rowsell

Co founder at OMG Tech! Founder at Vend.

Anna Guenther

Founder & Chief Bubble Blower of PledgeMe, YES alumni

Dave Moskovitz

“The godfather of startups”, tech founder, investor, lead mentor at Lightning Lab

Laura Reitel

Startup mentor, investor, former manager of TechStars Boulder

Stefan Korn

CEO of Creative HQ

Jessica Manins

VR ProjectR Director

Bruno Bordignon

Owner at Duncan Cotterill Lawyers & Angel HQ board member

Simon Swallow

Investor, director, owner & CEO of Charter Square Services

Nick Churchouse

Head of Customer Engagement at Creative HQ

Jeff Hunkin

Communications & Community Guru at Trademe

Max Bessone

Designer at Kineo

Claudia Batten

Founder of Massive Software, Victors & Spoils

Andrew Wallace

A securities and corporate law specialist at Lowdnes Jordan

Amanda Santos

High growth CEO, board member extraordinaire

Nick Rowney

Director, company owner, connector, Lightning Lab mentor

Greg McPherson

CEO at MitoQ Ltd

Jon Mellors

Director at Deloitte

Mark Major

Founder, creator, director, startup guru

Kate Wightman

Partner at First Cut Ventures

Alejandro Davila

‎VR Producer at Conical VR Studio

David Allison

Financial expert, investment broker, manager of angel investment network Angel HQ

Ian Harvey

Director at CQ New Zealand ltd

Natalie Sisson

Suitcase Entrepreneur guru

Saimon Lomaloma

Founder of Wellington Watersports

James MacFarlane

Creative director & founder of Pitch studio

Ken Brophy

Chief Enabler at JBA - Re-energising the Learning to Earning Paradigm

Ruth McDavitt

CEO of Summer of Tech

Melissa Clark-Reynolds

Director, serial entrepreneur, founder of Minimonos

David Clearwater

Regional director of Akina, social enterprise guru

Matt Inness, Oliver Ward, Fraser Callaway

Strategy Wellington award winning designers at Refold

Kendall Flutey

Founder of Banqer

Serge Van Dam

Chairman / Director, Marketing, Sales & Distribution Guru

Pete Russell

Social entrepreneur & founder of Ooooby.

Glenn Andert

High Growth Architech & Head of incubation at Creative HQ

Colart Miles

Co-Founder at Velox Innovation

Jessica Godfrey

Acme & Co General manager of sales & marketing, social media guru

Chris O’Neill

Venture manager at Akina

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