Venture up roadshow



Venture Up goes on the road!

Every year, the Venture Up team brings a taster of our entrepreneurship programme to students across the country. At each roadshow event, students:

  • Connect with other like-minded young entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers,
  • Learn about the latest tools used to build successful businesses and,
  • Push their potential as innovators and leaders.

Our workshops typically run for a half day and are a great opportunity for students to ask lots of questions about the programme and meet the brilliant people who run it.

If you've heard about Venture Up and you're wondering if the programme is right for you, set a reminder in your calendar as we'll be kicking off the next Venture Up Roadshow mid next year. Meanwhile, have a look at some stats from this year's tour.


98% of attendees said they enjoyed the experience

94% said it improved their enterprise skills

90% said it improved their decision making skills


Venture up roadshow 2016 at a glance

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