Kickstarting your career with innovation

What is Venture Up?

Venture Up is an immersive programme designed to equip you with the tools, techniques and mindset to practice innovation in the modern day workplace or turn your passion into a successful venture.

At the end of Venture Up you will be awarded a Creative HQ Nano Degree in Entrepreneurship.

Enrollments for Venture Up’s 2020 Wellington programme are now closed.

I came in expecting revision on what I've learnt previously about entrepreneurship. But in reality, Venture Up gave me so much more and I loved it.

2019 Queenstown Venture Up Alumni

I learned that anyone can have an idea – the difference is the people who have a vision and passion to execute no matter how hard it gets.

2019 Wellington Venture Up Alumni

Just looking at the experience from the end, and saying confidently, that I was an entirely different person beforehand.

2017 Venture Up Alumni

I can do it, and don’t need to be someone miraculous or my ideal self of the future. I can do it right now, as I am, and that’s an incredible realisation.

2017 Venture Up Alumni


Applications are open to young aspiring leaders and innovators. You’ll need to be between the age of 16-23 years and live in New Zealand.


Our first programme for 2020 kicks of early in the new year.

Wellington: 27th January – 7th February

All programmes are full time, but don’t worry you’ll have the weekend off!


Creative HQ, New Zealand’s innovation experts have been running Venture Up since 2015 with the backing of our incredible sponsors. We ensure you have the best support during and beyond the programme with mentorship from the best entrepreneurs, investors and leaders.


The future of the workforce is changing.  Whether you’re planning a career as an entrepreneur or working within a government agency, social enterprise or corporate company, Venture Up will provide you with the most modern innovation tools to make your CV look its best.  

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