Venture Up 2020


25 November 2019

Venture Up provides young aspiring leaders with the tools and techniques to practice innovation in the modern-day workplace or turn their passion into a successful business.

The world has changed since the days of “do well in school, go to university, get a good job”. Some jobs that were thought of as a safe bet are disappearing from the market, or changing dramatically. So what’s the best way for young people to future proof their skillset in an ever-shifting job market?

Venture Up is a two-week programme that throws participants headfirst into tools and methods that are used by the biggest names in the world – like Google, Tesla and Apple. 

Two Venture up programmes will be taking place in the summer of 2020. The first in Whangarei based out of People Potential – and another in Wellington.

Terry Shubkin, Chief Excitement Officer for Young Enterprise says that Venture Up creates a pathway for youth to get their careers off the ground. “I’m thrilled to see that Venture Up is running in Tai Tokerau for the first time. Through YES, we see so many talented young people find their entrepreneurial spirit and leave school wanting to explore this new passion. Venture Up is the perfect vehicle to do this by providing an authentic, immersive two-week programme. For every young person – whether you have the slightest interest in being an entrepreneur or are just looking for the best ‘next step’ – this is an absolute must for you to enrol for.”


terry shubkin
Terry Shubkin – Chief Excitement Officer, Young Enterprise – speaks to participants and an audience at Venture Up Showcase


Venture Up is facilitated by Creative HQ, New Zealand’s innovation experts in collaboration with organisations including Young Enterprise and the Ministry of Youth Development. The immersive hands-on environment sets this programme apart from the rest. Participants focus on real-world problems which they help identify. By the end of the two weeks, participants will have learnt and applied valuable innovation skills and they will also be prepared to apply them again and again throughout their career.

Programme Director Steph Benseman says that the Venture Up programme reflects a real need amongst young people transitioning into the workforce. “Young Enterprise originally came to us to help bridge the gap between education and work and Venture Up was our way of making this happen. It really helps to get an idea of how innovation works in the real world, and it looks great on people’s CVs!” 

As a Venture Up and Young Enterprise alumna herself, Benseman is living proof of the value of these skills. “I completed the first Venture Up back in 2015 and I loved it. Now, 5 years later it has shaped my career and set me up for success. I’m excited to be a part of creating the same experience for the next cohort of passionate, smart, young people.”

Participants will be awarded a Creative HQ Nano Degree in Youth Entrepreneurship upon completion of the programme. This represents a tangible achievement for participants to take with them into the workforce. “This year’s Venture Up will be accessible for more young people, fostering confidence and capability while also creating connections with each other and with industry experts,” said Benseman. The programme has been supported by the Ministry of Youth Development since its inception in 2015 and scholarships are available to cover the cost of participation.

Enrolments are now open for both the Northland and Wellington programmes and close at midnight, Dec 15 2019. Venture Up Northland will run from January 13th to January 24th and the Wellington programme will run from 27th January through to February 7th. Places are limited so be sure to enrol as soon as possible.

Creative HQ is a wholly-owned subsidiary of WellingtonNZ. We help people unleash their inner entrepreneur.



Venture Up is a two-week immersive programme for 16–23-year-olds to develop their future-skills capability, confidence and connections. Running since 2015, Venture Up has a 200+ strong alumni base.

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