Alumni: Emily Blythe

Emily Blythe went through the first-ever Venture Up programme back in 2015. She recently dropped in to say hello and we took the opportunity to chat to her about what’s been going on in her world and find out what her biggest achievement has been since then and she also told us what’s cool about being a VU alumna.


Do you have any top tips for those embarking on the journey of creating a new business?

  • You’re going to keep hitting brick walls – this is apart of growth, keep putting one foot in front of another.
  • Be authentic – be yourself. You are unique, so listen to your gut and do what you believe is right.
  • Treat advice like data – use it to support your decisions but remember it is not the be all end all.

Tell us a little bit about FlatPak, the business you were working on at Venture Up ’14. What problem were you solving for the customer?

Flatpak was developed to encourage farmers to transport equipment safely on their quad bikes. By transporting equipment on the back, it helped to balance the weight on a quad bike and lower the chance of flipping. It also prevented farmers from losing equipment off their bikes, which was not only costly but also a hazard on farms.

What has been your biggest achievement since Venture Up 2015, personal or otherwise?

It’s a personal one – recently come to realise that I operate best when I align myself to my own values and beliefs rather than aiming for this “perfect” image. I’ve given myself permission to make mistakes and the courage to own up to them, and as a result, I feel more comfortable in the decisions I make and the relationships I build.

Share the tools you use most often to make the best use of your time?

I have a kanban board in my office where I can move tasks from “to do” to “immediate” and “done”. There is something about physically moving a piece of paper vs doing it on the screen that makes it feel like I have achieved my tasks.

An odd one – For 12 hours every week I hang out with three awesome kids (under 3 years) to explore our surroundings, conduct our own science experiments and ask lots of questions about life. It’s refreshing to be brought back down to earth again, to look at the world from a completely new perspective where everything is new and exciting, and reset in an environment that is away from the office.

What’s cool about being a Venture Up Alumna?

The networks we have all developed! Knowing that there are now 100 other alumni who are all going through similar situations to you and whom you can rely on as a sounding-board or connector.