Alumni Update: Jenni Hamilton

Jenni Hamilton was a participant in our wellington 2019 programme, working as part of the glow team to empower mums to return to the workforce after raising a child. currently studying for her ba in political science and international relations at Victoria University of Wellington, Jenni brought a keen social focus to the team balanced with a good dose of realism.


After the programme, we asked Jenni to tell us a bit more about her and how she found the #VentureUp experience.

Hello! I’m Jenni and I was lucky enough to be a part of the Venture Up 2019 cohort.

As someone that craves change, there are many places I call home – but, for now, it’s the capital!
I was born in Glasgow, Scotland and came to New Zealand for a year’s holiday when I was six, and have been here since. The cross-pollination of Scottish and Kiwi culture has shaped me into a hybrid of both, and I have so much appreciation for these two beautiful places that I call home.

I am motivated by things that ignite my soul. Although some of my friends say I’m pessimistic, I am critical and like to seek out imperfections in the world as I aspire to make a positive change to them! Things that inspire me are music, fashion, art, and politics — which all have different means to the same end goal, to create something good in the world. I want to be someone who leaves a positive mark on the world once my time is up.

Venture Up teaches you an amazing approach to entrepreneurship, every day is gritty and exciting. You are always amongst your market, talking to customers and understanding what the world needs. It also teaches you a new appreciation for failure, something that has changed my perspective on life. You learn cool approaches to business models such as lean development, agile, and how to work successfully in a team dynamic.

But little did I expect how much I’d learn about who I am as a person, how I work, and what I offer to the world – which I think is of so much value and is a priceless experience which I will carry with me throughout every endeavour.

If you’re thinking about Venture Up, I would say do it! Jump in, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain from this amazing experience.
Venture Up was the craziest, strangest and most exciting four weeks, and I couldn’t recommend it more, so give it your all!