Venture Up Queenstown: Storytech

Queenstown 2019: Week 2 – Validation, Brands and Influencing People

Crunch time at #VentureUp19 Queenstown!

There’s no mucking around for our #VentureUp19 ZQN crew – we have one week to go… so it’s time to knuckle down and smash this!

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

Jim Rohn

First thing in the week, our teams all continued to build out their ideas by testing their solution concepts with customers before starting to prep for the showcase.

Before we got to the stage, we had some well-timed speakers for the #VentureUp19 crew; first up Nick Churchouse, the original godfather of the Venture Up programme, provided some insights to speaking with influence, owning the stage and your voice.

When it comes to speaking with influence, Nick referred to some of the tactics included in Daniel Batten’s book ‘The six secrets of authentic influence’, such as; anticipation and how to build and use it, de-risking a proposition by answering questions before people think of them or putting them in a safe space, momentum and making sure not to lose it when the ball starts rolling, and last but not least bold moves… what can you do that is not ‘the norm’ but will get the desired response?

As Batten says in Beyond the Ceiling:

“You are always going to hit a ceiling if all you’ve got is skills. But if you combine those skills you have with an authentic influence ability which is incredible, then you start to get influence levels which are exponential.”

When it comes to owning the stage, Nick has plenty of experience – running workshops for Creative HQ, giving talks and having MC’d multiple events. So drawing on that, his top takeaways were…

  • Energy. You can bring different energy with the tone of your voice, where you emphasise the story, the speed you speak at and the pauses you use, not to mention…
  • The volume you use! People who are further away than the front row tend to hear you at a third lower than you’re speaking. So for people at the back at a room to hear you at 100%, the most common level to speak at (without a mic) is 150% of your normal speaking volume. But remember, you can also use volume to draw people in – like speaking quietly as though sharing a secret.

All of this was put into practice soon after as our teams worked with Trent Yeo, Executive Director of Ziptrek Ecotours and license-holder of TEDx Queenstown, to practice and refine their stories.

Other highlights from the week include:

Building a Brand Story with Storytech
Thanks to founder James Hurman, our Venture Up cohort had the opportunity to work through Storytech, a ‘brand strategy in-a-box’ platform created to enable founders to create a world-class brand story – without the ‘out-of-the-question’ expense.
Our teams definitely saw the value, with clearer vision and mission statements incorporated soon after into their pitches!

Venture Up Queenstown: Storytech

Digital Marketing 101 with Darren Craig
Darren Craig, digital marketer and Google partner from Fully Charged Media, visited to impart some insights to our Venture Up cohort, from the channels we use to the different ways a message is shown, and how to track effectiveness through analytics…
“Digital marketing is like a jigsaw puzzle, you don’t tend to get it right first time – even if you’ve got a team of 100 and a budget of $1 billion.
You have to start and see if the pieces work before the end goal can be reached.”

Venture Up Queenstown: Darren Craig

Taco Tuesdays at Taco Medic
That’s right! On Tuesday, after a day full of speakers, we headed down the road to Taco Medic for some full-team time!

Venture Up Queenstown: Taco Tuesdays

…And that’s not it – our highlights from Showcase are still to come!

Interested in attending the Venture Up Queenstown Showcase? RSVP now and join us on Friday 26 April!

Stay tuned to all the latest from our #VentureUp19 Queenstown programme, make sure to keep up-to-date through our social channels (Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin | Instagram) and our mailing list– and stay tuned for more news just around the corner.

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