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VU18 WK 1: Building High Performing Teams

This is the very first blog post pulled straight from Venture Up 2018. You’ll hear all of the ins and outs of The Leading Entrepreneurship programme for New Zealand’s Young Leaders right here.

venture up 2018

Oh wow, holey moley #VU18 is well under way and things are already beginning to heat up. The first day put everyone’s team forming skills to the test, a fundamental yet tricky task, but the cohort took it in their stride. It was exciting to see them come together, cluster into teams and begin breathing life into their ideas. Each participant pitched an idea to the cohort and then voted on their favourites before discussing next steps and roles. The ideas ranged from energy generating exercise machines to trading platforms. During the day, one key question player on everyone’s mind – How do you build a team with a healthy dynamic that leads to success?

Forming a team begins with finding common ground where a dynamic can grow. This could be found through shared ambitions, passions or how well you like one another. In many cases, the latter can be a stronger and more cohesive driver for teams to form (oh the feelings). Once the seed of a team is set in place, next you need to understand how you will complement one another. What pool of skills and networks do you have to draw from and how can they be amplified? Diversity is the key here. Take ownership where you feel you’re best placed and always be open to new roles and responsibilities. Once roles are established now you need to set expectations and culture that guide the do’s and don’t of the team.

Julie Treanor, from Just Lead, visited #VU18 and worked closely with the cohort to instil the importance of co-leadership and shared ownership within a team. One of the key concepts she taught was the multiplier effect –   

“When ownership is equally shared the performance, independence and stability of the team is amplified. You begin to feel more confident and assertive when everyone covers each others backs and holds responsibility. Above all, the ability of the team don’t rest on the shoulders of one individual – otherwise known as the multiplier effect”

The workshops and discussions during the first week unearthed ways to navigate the complexity of people. We are emotionally driven beings with triggers and quirks, we make mistakes and take the easy route. The best advice anyone can give is to remain empathetic and aware of one another. Great teams maintain frank lines of communication and are open to change. Diplomacy, diplomacy and diplomacy.  

And that is a wrap of the very first blog post for our 2018 cohort (whoop whoop!). Until next week, stay in the loop with all the latest news from Venture Up by jumping on our mailing list. Peace!

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