Introducing the Venture Up 2017 Participants!

After months of Roadshows around New Zealand, over 100 applications across the country and countless amounts of difficult decisions, we’re excited to announce the final 35!!! It has been a tough few weeks but we are excited to announce the lucky 35 who have been carefully selected to take part in Venture Up 2017 in Auckland this year! Have a look below and see if there is anyone you recognize!

Araina Kazia Pereira, ACG Parnell College
Lily Latu, Auckland Seventh-Day Adventist High School
Hana Olds, Wellington High School
Dianca Mitchell, University of Auckland
Lucy Gavigan, Diocesan School for Girls
Meg Gavigan, Diocesan School for Girls
Baylee O’Donnell-Martin, Spotswood College
Loren Blakeley, Lincoln University
Nia Sky, University of Auckland
Khorshed Tarapore, Macleans College
Ruby Arrowfield, Avonside Girls’ High School
Helen Wilson, Aorere College
Claudine Nalesu, Auckland University of Technology
Maeve Sophia de Vere Hughes, University of Auckland
Amber Joseph, Palmerston North Girl’s High School
Cecilia Fang, University of Auckland
Fergielyn Catayoc, Victoria University of Wellington
Stephanie Ryan, St Mary’s College
Ceinwen Frances Cattroll, Waiuku College
Dipan Patel, ACG Parnell College
Dominic Mulcock, ACG Parnell College
Elia Zandehbizadeh, Liston College
Arron Prattley, Burnside High School
Braden Rodney Bird, Wellington College
Jakob Birkner , Pakuranga College
Thomas Edward Goodin, University of Auckland
Jesse Vaughan, ACG Parnell College
Angus Liam Pauley, University of Otago
Tim Foley, Victoria University of Wellington
Thomas Brendan Littleworth, Nelson College
Jasim Janah, University of Auckland
Nathan William James, Burnside High School
Mat Dawidowski, University of Auckland
Alistair King, Nelson College
James Christian McLeod McDonald, University of Auckland


Here’s a breakdown of our 2017 Cohort:



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