Meet the Teams 2016

Meet the teams that have formed since day 1 of Venture Up 2016! It is absolutely incredible to bring 40 of the best entrepreneurs around New Zealand to Wellington, and another to get them into teams and work in a collaborative/ cohesive way. Only time will tell how much they pull, push, create magic, or pivot/ change their business model 100 times before the end of the programme..

Venture Up

Team name: Darkhorse

Team members:  Jackson L, Alana K, Jacob VW, Jakobb M, Nick H.

What is your current business concept? Tinder for food – an app that lets users scan the surrounding area for food options + delivery, advance ordering to save time.

Why did you get involved with Venture Up? Saw it as a way to further business knowledge, for getting the mentoring connections that Venture Up will offer.

How did you find the first week? Stressful, We couldn’t think of an idea for first 3 days. We had to pitch to the mentors with nothing and had really positive feedback with lots of advice on how to progress the idea and who they needed to talk to in that space to allow us to do so.

Venture Up 2016

Team name: Project Water


Team members: Dylan R, Michael S, John R, Loren T, Dani W, Rebecca G.

Current business concept? We came up with the idea of Solar water desalination for large bodies of water – removing all the salt and bacteria.

How would you describe where you are currently at? Moving forward, just.

Why did you get involved with Venture Up? We saw giving up 6 weeks of the summer as worthwhile investment to grow networks & meet other like minded young people. We saw it as another somewhat controlled environment (comparing to Young Enterprise) to experiment with how far you can push business ideas, how wacky you can go, and make the most of the networking opportunities.

What did you learn in the first week? Just in the first week we’ve learnt so much more than we would in a year of business studies – learning the building blocks to establishing a business and building a business model. Also, to make sure we sleep, that stress is completely normal,  that to not give up when the first idea, second idea or the tenth idea don’t work. Finally, resilience – we got our idea shut down and had to go back to the drawing board time and time again.

Venture Up


Team name: Influencer

Team members:  Omer H, Felix P, Hunter W, Rachel Y, Jordan P.

Current business concept? A web platform that connects brands with highly followed Instagram users to advertise more efficiently

How was your first week? We have learnt more in 1 week than I did in a whole year of business at school. There is no real right or wrong answer at this point, it’s more about what way will work best with your idea

Why did you get involved with Venture Up? It seemed like young enterprise on steroids – more condensed with lots of mentors to meet and people proactively thinking along the same lines that we are.

Venture Up

Team name: Intruderlock

Team members? Elisha F, Hayden W, Keith T.

Current Business Concept? Freight tracking to determining unintended activity/tampering while in transit.

What feedback have you had so far? The mentors we pitched to were interested in it being quite an innovative idea, not just another app, and saw potential in terms of relating it to how blockchain currently works so we are excited.

Why Venture Up? To develop entrepreneurship skills in an intensive, short/sharp format. We also heard good things from previous alumni about how much you can get done in such a short time. There are great opportunities to meet mentors you otherwise wouldn’t be able to if the programme didn’t exist.

Venture Up

Team name: Deliver Me

Team members? Sophie S, Sam Y, Cameron F, Aiden S, Derek L.

Current business concept? A peer to peer delivery network i.e. Uber for deliveries. It’s still a general idea at the moment and we don’t know which way we will take it.

What feedback have you had so far? That it is a good idea but has lots of logistical challenges – It really needs good timing.

Why did you choose to Venture Up? It is not just a weekend like Enterprise in Action, more a full start to finish programme outlining all the different steps to take to start a business. Still really full on if not more full on, and love the access to mentors and chances to network.

Venture Up

Team name: Recorded Intent

Team members? Kim E, Charlotte K, Toby H, Tiger C.

Current business concept? A hitchhiker safety app.

How was your first week? There was lots of pivoting, we pitched 5 ideas in the first week, all along the same theme of lowering the number of people that go missing. It seemed to follow a pattern of coming up with an idea at 8am, figuring out it wasn’t going to work by 2pm and having to cycle back to where we started.

What are some of the things you have learnt so far? What an important part pivoting is in creating a business – if you can’t pivot it’s not going to work. Every time we have pivoted so far we have learnt more and come back with better and stronger strategies so it’s better to iterate in little loops than wait until you have developed something big and flashy just to find out that people don’t want it.

Venture Up

Team name: Feelen


Team members? Francisco S, Emily C, Emma F, Liberty T, Eleanor J, Nicholas B.

Current business idea? We are looking at food waste – we started with idea about a composting system within catering companies/ big events centres but after doing some market validation, we discovered that there are already solutions operating in that space so lots of roadblocks. So we know we want to solve a problem within the food industry but we are still researching what the biggest problem is we can make the most impact towards.

Why Venture Up? It’s a unique opportunity, a way to take a safe risk in terms of starting a business and explore lots of different possibilities while still supported by a range of processes and mentors.

Venture Up

Team name: Youth on Board


Team members? Joy W, Jimmy P, Cameron O, Logan J.

Current business concept? A service to provide a youth perspective and feedback at a board level.

What is some of the feedback you have had so far? Mentors have really liked the idea in terms of challenging/addressing the problem of male/pale/stale over representation on many boards.

What are some of the things you want to get out of Venture Up? Entrepreneurship skills, new network of contacts, to know ourselves a little better and understand what we are good at.

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