Mentor: Bridget Scanlan, founder of KYT

Meet Bridget, co-founder of KYT: ‘Keeping you Together’. With a Bachelor’s in Psychology, Business and Commerce and Certificate in Garment Technology, Bridget started KYT Bags in 2017 from her own need. She has awesome experience in product-market fit, having gone on a business road trip precisely to meet and find out what her audience wants, as well as scaling her e-commerce business. We chatted with Bridget to find out more about her and why she got involved.


Could you tell us a bit about your background, Bridget?

I’m co-founder of KYT: bags designed especially for the unique needs of diabetes. I’ve spent the last 2 years connecting with the international diabetes community to co-design accessories that hide medical equipment in plain sight, keep it organised and together, and empower an otherwise pretty crappy experience with a bit of elegance. It’s born of my own experience living with type 1 diabetes, and I’m bloody proud of what we’ve accomplished.

What made you want to be involved in Venture Up?

I’m currently involved with the incubation programme at Creative HQ, which means I’ve sat exactly where the Venture Up teams are now. It’s recent enough in my memory that I can still feel the butterflies and big ‘what if’ questions that are bound to be swirling amongst them. I’m also far enough in my journey to be able to show them what’s next, and remind them to do the things that most founders forget about: celebrate the small wins, focus on what you can fix today, and enjoy the ride!

What do you feel you get back from mentoring?

It feels a bit like starting all over again!

I’m enjoying looking at the startup process from a slightly different angle and exploring a new problem. It’s exciting to see the types of issues that matter to people of this age group, and their approach to solving them. And I’m really enjoying a new opportunity to connect – both with these future entrepreneurs, as well as the seasoned mentors that are on board.

What are the top 3 things you look for in a team or venture before you commit to mentoring?

  1. I want to see that you’re prepared; you’ve got a clear idea of how we work together, a plan for each meeting and action points for both of us.
  2. More important than your idea is your work ethic. I want to be confident that you’ll put in the work and explore your problem from every angle.
  3. And, you’ve got to do business politely. Ask favours of others nicely, be gracious with customers and treat each other well.

What’s one question you wish you’d be asked in an interview? And what would your answer be?

Q: Favourite vegetable?

A: Courgette. It’s a bit lame but that’s all I could think of – seriously though, name a dish that courgette couldn’t champion!