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VU18 WK 3: Pitching

This is the third blog post pulled straight from Venture Up 2018. You’ll hear all of the ins and outs of The Leading Entrepreneurship programme for New Zealand’s Young Leaders right here.

Venture Up’s halfway point has swiftly passed the cohort by and everyone has begun to feel the pull of the final showcase. This week has placed the cohort’s pitches under the mentor microscope as they vigorously tease out the best use of storytelling, content and tone.

DK pitching

Love it or hate it, pitching is one of the fundamental skills every entrepreneur must master in order to gain traction and support. Pitching is a skill that leans heavily on a person’s ability to be authentic, charming, evocative and empathic. Once refined, pitching is a powerful tool that enhances a person’s ability to command and inspire influence.

Last week, DK, Producer from Creative Leadership NZ also known for his work within TEDXWellington,  joined the cohort within this week’s pitching masterclass. He spoke on the art of storytelling sharing his talent and experiences developed through coaching CEO’s from a range of industrials. DK commented that –  “…you need to take your audience through a story that matters to them. If you don’t care about the journey why should they?…”.

There are an infinite number of approaches and pitching styles that an entrepreneur can use, grounded by rules so fundamental they’ve turned cliché – although the best use them as guidelines rather than scripture. To avoid covering a well trodden path, during the week we handpicked the most important qualities and technique;

1. The true purpose of a pitch is to generate questions that you can slam dunk. Any of your audience’s follow-up questions illustrate that your words are being considered and have inspired the crowd. Pitches deliver a message that provides the foundation to a conversation not only a round of applause.

2. While constructing your pitch ask yourself: “What are the top five questions that if unanswered could kill my business”? If you don’t have an answer to them, be prepared to go home empty handed. Remember that the audience’s easiest reaction is to forget you – don’t give them the opportunity through a lack of preparation, research and strategy. Learn your audience’s triggers and needs so you can ensure they perk up not check out.

3. Business aren’t built nor success won over night. It takes grit and blinding perseverance to see your vision come to life. But, make sure whenever you stand up to pitch you sound enthusiastic and fresh. It’s understandable that you might feel a little tired of telling the same tale, but remember that it’s news to your audience’s ears. Enthusiasm inspires enthusiasm.

If you, like so many, are eager to refine your pitching weapon then check out the resource our friend’s from Creative HQ have created to help you build a emotive and engaging pitch, right here.

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