Venture Up 2021


Venture Up is an immersive course designed to support young aspiring leaders and changemakers.

Since 2015, we’ve brought almost 300 youth together in a collaborative space and taught them essential entrepreneurial leadership skills for their future.

In 2021 the programme will be delivered digitally and all participants will have a chance to win one of 10 places to attend the ultimate business day. 

From the 11th of January you’ll have full access to the Venture Up Digital course. This is a library of lessons from some of New Zealand’s best business leaders along with tools that will help you in actioning your ideas. 

You’ll have the support of Creative HQ coaches who will be available the entire programme to answer any of your questions and host workshops to get you going with the tools. 

If you want help getting started we’ll be hosting workshops across the country where you’ll have the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals, form teams, be introduced to potential mentors and hear from some awesome entrepreneurs who have done it all before. 

These in-person workshops will be held in January in Auckland (19th), Christchurch (20th) and Wellington (21st). If you want us to hold a workshop in your town register here




11 JAN

Access to Venture up digital.

19 JAN

Auckland workshop

20 JAN

Christchurch workshop

21 JAN

Wellington wokrshop

11 FEB

The ultimate business day!


A digital programme makes Venture Up more accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs all over New Zealand, however we’d still like to meet participants in person. Therefore 10 participants of Venture Up Digital 2021 will be chosen based on their business pitch to attend an ultimate business day in Wellington on February 11th 2021. Thanks to the Ministry of Youth Development the cost of travel and attending will be fully covered. 

The ultimate business day is all about connecting  with the right people to support you in your entrepreneurial journey. You’ll meet experts in marketing, branding, accounting, product design, web development, investment and more! 


The course puts you in the driver seat, as you work through tried and true startup strategy and methodologies. You’ll learn to manage your time efficiently and strengthen your self-motivation to stay on track throughout the course and achieve your goals.

  • Discover and design a business idea that you know the world wants.
  • Learn how to prototype your solution with the help of your customers.
  • Create a pitch that launches your business into the community and world.
mikayla stokes

Founder, TechGirls

Everyone had such positive things to say about it [Venture Up] but I was still unsure what to expect. I never really understood what they had meant until I did the programme and now. Everything I was told (and more!) is so true, and I really wish I could be in that environment every day."

Mikayla was a participant in Venture Up 2019. She is a student (Bachelor of Engineering), founder of TechGirls and Youth Board member.

She’s an advocate for young girls to pursue careers in STEAM fields and was recognised for her work at the 2018 Girlboss TradeMe Awards and as the ASB Bright Sparks Overall Female winner and AgriTech award.

nick hyland jacksen love

Co-founders, Flamingo

It’s been a journey but we constantly use the skills that we learnt at Venture Up – such as the process of validating new business ideas with your customers before committing time and resources to them or most importantly resilience!

Nick and Jacksen were participants of Venture Up 2016. After going their separate ways to pursue careers in business advisory and software development the two joined forces again in 2018 to launch Flamingo

The popular pink electric scooters provide a fun, safe and easy way to get around town, while reducing reliance on cars and easing congestion on road.


Founder and owner Peoples Coffee

Matt is the founder of Peoples, a fair trade and organic coffee brand. Peoples is stocked in many New Zealand cafes with the success of this being credited to Matt’s focus on a diverse team and staying true to the company's core values.

Get access to the best in their fields.

Being part of Venture Up gives you access to the greatest in their fields. Get real-life insights from professionals who are out there right now, smashing it.

We'll teach you how to approach a new potential mentor confidently, and how to get the most out of your mentorship to support you through and beyond Venture Up.

Learn from the brightest in business.

The world is changing, and so has Venture Up. The programme will now be delivered with a combination of in-person workshops and an online course over a four-week period. This gives you the flexibility to build your business around your life.

Each topic is taught by business leaders who have done it all before. You’ll then have access to a library of CHQ resources and tools that provide the template to design, build and grow your idea.

You won’t have to do it alone though, your CHQ innovation coach and community of alumni who have done it all before will be there to answer any questions and support your learning.

jessie wong

Founder and CEO, Yu Mei

I’m inspired by the determination of the teams, and the time with them makes me reflect on what my team and I do. I go back to the Yu Mei studio with a renewed sense of excitement and direction.

Jessie is the founder and director of Yu Mei, a leather goods label that focuses on creating bags built for purpose to carry with ease dedicated to the creation of understated luxury. Yu Mei not only make their customers the inspiration for their products, but also include them in every aspect of the design process along the way.


Apply as an individual and we’ll match you with other like-minded people to get a business idea rolling.

Or apply as a team if you already have a business idea you want to work on together.

Thanks to the Ministry of Youth Development we are able to provide scholarships to New Zealand-based students so you can participate at no cost.

Applications are now closed. If you want to keep up to date with future programmes, register your interest below.