VENTURE UP 2019 Wellington

In January 2019, Venture Up returned with the support of our awesome sponsors. Based at Victoria University School of Business, the programme hosted 34 of New Zealand’s future leaders.

After forming teams on day one, participants learned how to test assumptions, validate ideas with customers and build key business skills that will serve them well moving into the future.

With a wealth of mentors and speakers lined up to provide inspiration and tools to challenge the ventures, the teams were pushed throughout the accelerator far beyond their comfort zones.

Each year, we put together a report to summarise insights from the programme.

Read the Venture Up 2019 Wellington report.

I learned that anyone can have an idea – the difference is the people who have a vision and passion to execute no matter how hard it gets.





Helping parents get their kids off screens and into the sunshine using an audiobook that puts kids in the shoes of a brave hero or adventurer. The audiobooks come with a neat twist – kids role-play quests in the real world, from making a cardboard “sword” to exploring the kitchen “cave”.



Giving high school students the chance to hear honest and raw work stories without glamorising the experience. The team helps students to make informed career decisions through candid interviews with long-time professionals such as lawyers, journalists, teachers and many more.



Reducing paper receipt waste produced in supermarkets by providing a digital alternative at the checkout. The team are disrupting retailer practices and consumer habits to address an increasingly growing environmental problem created every time consumers make a purchase.



Empowering mums to confidently return to the workforce after raising a child through a mother-centric mentorship programme. You won’t find shallow advice or simple tools within Glow, but honest loving guidance that leaves mums feeling empowered and engaged.



Helping grandparents and grandchildren to build meaningful relationships through a game that encourages storytelling called “And Then”. This project is broken into two parts as youth struggle to relate to an older generation, while grandparents can easily fall out of step with the rest of the family.



Working with cafés to reduce plastic milk bottle waste through an innovative product-based alternative. The average café churns through 40 one-litre milk bottles per day, which is 40 too many for this team.



Providing an online supermarket delivery service that supplies food from multiple providers in one place. This new service gives consumers the chance to take full advantage of all the sales and deals from every supermarket – including some of the smaller operators – while removing an annoying weekly chore.


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