Take A Bow


The sixth and final week of the Venture Up programme is complete. How to capture the excitement, the intensity, the energy that built… and built, in those final days to explode into a Showcase event that brought such positive impression and outright pride by it’s end.

Participants went hard on the pitching front this week, stopping only for their weekly resilience session with the inimitable Nick Rowney, and a solid afternoon hearing from and hanging with star entrepreneur – founder and CEO of Vend – Vaughan Rowsell.

Wednesday evening was warm and bright as the stunning City Gallery space welcomed supporters from far and wide of the Venture Up programme and it’s stars for 2015 (watch this space for a vid of the Showcase event). Filing into the Adam Auditorium, armed with treats from Nikau and Six Barrell Soda, guests heard pitches from our seven teams:



And… they nailed it. Sucking up the nerves, breaking through the tension. They all nailed it. An unexpected treat to round out the formalities was a duet of ‘the Climb’ by resident VU musos, Michael Lough and Tasi Nafaoiga. The feeling in the room was warm and electric, and this feeling continued as guests and participants made their way out to the main gallery to really get the juice.

The morning after was abuzz with tales of the Showcase and what comes next. Because, of course, this is just one leg of their journey. Only, as our Venture Upr’s set forth on this new path the first stone is set and points in a clearer direction.

An ENORMOUS thank you to all who made it all possible – sponsors, mentors, speakers, contributors and families of the VU crew. It won’t be the last you see of us, or indeed the ridiculously talented bunch we were lucky enough to guide on this adventure, where they came and Ventured UP!

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