Venture Up 2016

Update on teams – Week 4

Week 4 and we are definitely feeling the last push of the programme! Check in on the teams below as they give you a quick update on their current progress of their ventures, gaining a lot of traction and starting to make moves in the market!

Venture Up

Team name: Crave (Formerly Darkhorse)

Team members:  Jacksen L, Alana K, Jacob VW, Jakobb M, Nick H.


Where is your idea at? We are in the process of getting businesses on board with our app. The app itself is in the final stages of the build – it has all the features but we are still making small tweaks and ironing out any bugs.

At this stage, what will be next for Crave after Venture Up? We haven’t had ‘the talk’ yet, too much other stuff going on! It’ll be a decision we make based on where Crave has progressed to at the point of the Final Showcase, as well as what we want to do as a team.

Most challenging thing about last week? Realizing we had to validate restaurant side of our platform as well as the customer side so effectively doubling our workload. We had done the customer side, but had to figure out how to talk to the restaurants!

Where are you making progress/ what are you proud of? The progression of the business, our relationship with our mentor who is awesome, looking at partnerships and discovering another pricing model that could work for us.

Want to know more about Crave? Check them out on Facebook:


Venture Up 2016

Team name: Part-Timer

Team members: Dylan R, Michael S, John R, Loren T, Dani W, Rebecca G.


Where is your idea at? Our MVP is done, and we are adding jobs to it now. We haven’t got 5 businesses signed up yet which was our goal for last week but we have 5 interested, and we smashed our showcase goal of having 200 students registered and got 220 registered in 1 week!

We also sorted out our initial pricing after lots of backwards and forwards last week – completely changing the pricing level to adequately reflect the value we are providing. So it will be $147 for businesses to list, and we will continue to work from there to find our sweet spot. For that $147 we will be filtering all the CV’s that come in, getting students to send in 2 min videos and putting forward the best candidates to the employers, between 3-5, depending on their preference.

At this stage, what will be next for Part-Timer after Venture Up? It’ll likely be part time 🙂 but its sales dependent, we will see what stage we get to at the end of the 6 weeks before we make that call!

Most challenging thing about last week? Making decisions around pricing!

Where are you making progress/ what are you proud of? Beating our our student database goal, which we achieved with $10 of Facebook advertising spend.

Venture Up

Team name: Influencer

Team members:  Omer H, Felix P, Hunter W, Rachel Y, Jordan P.

Where is your idea at? We finalised our contract with Mojo Coffee, confirmed a deal with Chow and matched Instagrammers to work with them – 5 over the next week with Chow.

At this stage, what will be next for Influencer after Venture Up?
We are all pretty keen to carry on growing, but we are all quite different in what avenues we go down after Venture Up. It will likely look like going to Uni and working on Influencer on the side. If the business takes off we would probably put Uni on hold and commit full time, but it will depend on that traction.

Most challenging thing about last week? Managing all the small stuff to make sure the whole process runs smoothly. Also dealing with extra workload now that Instagrammers are catching wind and approaching us. Mainly finding a good system to keep everything tidy now that momentum is building.

Where are you making progress/ what are you proud of? The traction and momentum that we have gained already over 4 weeks! We also went to a networking event and pitched the idea to a trader who is doing really well internationally – he ended up inviting us to a dinner and we scored a meeting with one of his partners out of it who wants to discuss potential investment. We don’t know where that will go but it is an awesome learning experience gained by putting ourselves out there.

Venture Up

Team name: Intrude-a-lock

Team members? Elisha F, Hayden W, Keith T.

Where is your idea at? We are being limited by some hardware issues with the product at the moment and haven’t been able to solve them so far. Working more formally around the problem now and have taken some legal advice on board to help.

At this stage, what will be next for Intrude-a-lock after Venture Up? We would like to keep it going while going to uni part time but we still need to talk about it as a team.

Most challenging thing about last week? Time management within the group and delegation to make sure things happen as efficiently as possible.

Where are you making progress/ what are you proud of? We are getting a lot of interest, but we are definitely held up by the hardware side. Most proud of keeping the interest and momentum despite that – Last week we were on a Skype call with Qantas who really loved they idea and are interested in taking it further.

Venture Up

Team name: Relay (Formerly Deliver Me)

Team members? Sophie S, Sam Y, Cameron F, Aiden S, Derek L.

Where is your idea at? We have had 8 deliveries already since launching our site and have had only positive feedback! Currently identifying and solving the little things we can fix or improve to make the service even better to build growth, but we have had no major hiccups.

At this stage, what will be next for Relay after Venture Up? We are 50/50 at this stage as to whether we will continue- waiting to see how it continues to progress before we make any decisions!

Most challenging thing about last week?
Being trolled on our live chat, figuring out the little kinks to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Where are you making progress/ what are you proud of? Money in the bank!

If you are in the Wellington CBD and need something delivered to you quick smart, make sure you give a go!

Venture Up

Team name: MultiMenu

Team members? Kim E, Charlotte K, Toby H, Tiger C.

Where is your idea at? We have been working on our website and have been drafting up simplified versions of restaurants’ menus of the restaurants that we have already talked to. The next big thing we know we need to work on is building a community of people who support what we are working on.

At this stage, what will be next for Multi Menu after Venture Up? We really want to see where we can get to with building our community – if it’s something we can get to and is in our reach that will be an awesome indicator for us to keep on going.

Most challenging thing about last week? Getting slowed down by getting sick! Getting the community started and not knowing where to begin.. There has been quite a bit of time taken to get the website up and not having the skills within the team has meant having to depend on outside forces which can be a challenge!

Where are you making progress/ what are you proud of? The website, and having the dictionary functionality already on it, just working on the final touches!

Venture Up

Team name: Story Unfolded (Formerly Feelen)

Team members? Francisco S, Emily C, Emma F, Liberty T, Eleanor J, Nicholas B.

Where is your idea at? Trying to split the team into pitch side and fundraiser side, as we have shifted focus to running a fundraiser to earn some money for a charity and still figuring out the nuts and bolts and working on the logo with one of the awesome mentors, Max Bessone.

At this stage, what will be next for Story Unfolded after Venture Up? We haven’t talked about it a lot yet, we think we need someone who will be the driver force pushing it forward, and still figuring out if there a person up for that in our group. It depends on how much we can get done in this week too.

Most challenging thing about last week?
Pricing stuff was really hard – it brought up a lot of aspects that we hadn’t thought about yet, we weren’t sure how to answer some of the questions that surfaced and were faced with lots of unknowns.

Where are you making progress/ what are you proud of? The video we made for the free store that we will show at the Final Showcase, that our website is coming together – nice to have something tangible to show for all of our hard work!


Venture Up

Team name: Youth on Board

Team members? Joy W, Jimmy P, Cameron O, Logan J.

Where is your idea at? Monday was a tough day – we brought our deadline forward and spent a lot of time trying to decide on the direction we wanted to go in. Our mentor Ruth asked us questions that helped to focus our thinking and we got back on track. We have ended up deciding that all three methods we were looking at solved the problem we are addressing in their own way, so are pursuing all of them are split in the following ways:

Youth on Board – advisory at either board or management level

Youth on the Job – undercover boss scenario which allows CEO to temperature gauge at ground level via student employees.

We also created a mass email to send out to everyone we had met to let everyone know where we were at, thanking them for advice and feedback that they had provided so far, and have started a twitter to continue to build our profile.

We are starting to contact the student side of our platform, and have talked to Crimson Consulting – in order to attract the best students and giving them the opportunity to partake. They will be paid, but it will also be an awesome experience to put on their CV.

At this stage, what will be next for Youth on Board after Venture Up? We haven’t talked about it as a group yet – watch this space!

Most challenging thing about last week? Monday – the amount of mental whiplash trying to find the direction we wanted to take.

Where are you making progress/ what are you proud of? How we’ve developed the initial idea to the point that we now having a working concept. And the fact that we are little people taking on the big people. And the team bond!

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