Venture Up 2016

Update on teams – Week 5

The amount of content coming through is overwhelming! We are posting a week behind so bear with us as we follow the same format as the previous weeks posts! This is week 5 of the Venture Up programme and we are seeing the finish line in sight! Check in on the teams below as they give you a quick update on their current progress of their ventures, gaining a lot of traction and starting to make moves in the market!

Venture Up

Team name: Crave

Team members:  Jacksen L, Alana K, Jacob VW, Jakobb M, Nick H.

How are you feeling? Good, excited for the pitch! Feeling prepared and just going over the little details now to really nail the key messages in the time we have to speak.

Most challenging thing about week 5? Getting the restaurants signed up, as opposed to the customers, to make sure both sides of the platform are validated and on board. Meeting deadlines for the pitch presentations and slides! Pushing through sickness, everyone is pretty worn out at this point.

Most inspiring thing about week 5? Getting to visit the City Gallery to see where we will be pitching made it all real, and put the pressure on! We also really loved visiting the BizDojo space, going to Webstock’s BNZ Startup Alley to see how its done, and Creative HQ’s Head of Acceleration Brett Holland gave an awesome talk 🙂

What are you looking most forward to at the showcase? Building contacts with the people in the room that aren’t already a part of Crave’s journey, getting more people to download the app and try it out (and tell us what they think!)

Want to know more about Crave? Check them out on Facebook:

Venture Up 2016

Team name: Part-Timer

Team members: Dylan R, Michael S, John R, Loren T, Dani W, Rebecca G.

How are you feeling? Feeling stressed but everyone is at this stage of the game with final pitches just around the corner. We are really excited about how everything is going – we have 1100 students signed up, 1288 likes on Facebook – it’s really valuable gratification for where we are going. We have also had lots of interest from business, and are looking at the most efficient ways of reaching SMEs in retail and hospitality especially.

Most challenging thing about week 5? Crafting our pitch and slides to get the structure right, we are feeling good about where we are at and are now just tidying it up, making sure everything fits in and that it is slick. We have struggled with finding time to go out and get businesses on board with all the focus put on pitching – it is definitely a time crunch so making sure to prioritize and fit it all in!

Most inspiring thing about week 5? Keeping track of database has been a big motivator for us to keep up momentum, the metrics are really cool to prove the traction to ourselves. Someone that signed up for Part-timer was one of Michael’s friends in Auckland and it was really cool to talk to him about it without him knowing that it was being run by a team of students including myself – really good anecdotal feedback about how it is being perceived in Auckland.

What are you looking most forward to at the showcase? Having a really good last hurrah – ending the programme on a high note, and that feeling of completion and knowing we could not have physically done anything more to get Part-timer to where it is now. It will be really cool to see everyone else’s pitches as well and really take in how far we’ve come – it is such high intensity programme that you don’t often get a chance to sit back and fully comprehend how much ground we have covered, it’s so easy to get caught up on making everything actually happen!

Venture Up

Team name: Influencer

Team members:  Omer H, Felix P, Hunter W, Rachel Y, Jordan P.


How are you feeling? Really looking forward to pitching next week, excited, tying up loose ends, and feeling the pressure!

Most challenging thing about week 5? Getting the powerpoint in on time – meeting deadlines, using the right wording for the pitch to make it as clear as possible. We know that lots of people that won’t have the much prior knowledge of what we are talking about so its about tailoring the message to them as well as those that have been along for the ride from the beginning.

Most inspiring thing about week 5? Getting another big client on board! Really helps us keep the momentum up, each new business we get across the line is validation that we have created something valuable, as well as a learning experience in terms of their individual needs.

What are you looking most forward to at the showcase? Getting the the overall feedback and gauging the interest of the room. Meeting people that can connect us to more awesome businesses that would find Influencer valuable 🙂

Venture Up

Team name: Intrude-a-lock

Team members? Elisha F, Hayden W, Keith T.

How are you feeling? Pretty excited about the final showcase and spreading the word about Intrude-A-Lock. People will be able to sign up for presales on the site if they are interested in getting one!

Most challenging thing about week 5? It was a really strong week for us but sorting out the roles of the team was hard! Have got it figured out now though. 

Most inspiring thing about week 5? Qantas wanting to pilot test our product! Huge potential there, so looking forward to seeing how that progresses.

What are you looking most forward to at the showcase? Securing preorders and making new connections in the business community.

What are you the most proud of at this stage? The amount of market validation we have done in the last 5 weeks, and how that has helped us to narrow down an initial big broad scope of who to target.

Venture Up

Team name: Relay

Team members? Sophie S, Sam Y, Cameron F, Aiden S, Derek L.

How are you feeling? Brilliant, excited for the pitch!

Most challenging thing about week 5? The lack of deliveries – that is on us for not pushing and not trying hard enough with feedback loops and marketing. The focus was on our pitch so was hard to do the marketing at the same time. So making the time to keep figuring out what is working and what isn’t. 

Best thing about week 5? Fine tuning our pitch and taking on board final feedback. Was really good to hear that our full team pitching had positive feedback, as 5 people on a stage is not your usual pitch format.

What are you looking most forward to at the showcase? Our pitch going smoothly – wrapping everything up, and finding someone to join in an advisory role.

Where are you making progress/ what are you most proud of?
The business is pretty cool but the skills that we have learnt along the way are the real standout for what value Venture Up provides. Learning how to focus on finding your problem before finding a solution, building a viable business rather than just theorizing, dealing with setbacks like competition, are all really important sets of knowledge that we are most proud of.

If you are in the Wellington CBD and need something delivered to you quick smart, make sure you give a go!

Venture Up

Team name: MultiMenu

Team members? Kim E, Charlotte K, Toby H, Tiger C.

How are you feeling? Tired, pitch is the one thing we aren’t worried about – we have done 4 or 5 pitches in front of an audience, and pitched to ourselves every day since last Wednesday. Biggest drama right now is we don’t know what to wear. The struggle is real!

Most challenging thing about week 5? Doing the first pitch – we had just written it so it was pretty impromptu and had about half an hour of work behind it. So we have come a long way!

Most inspiring thing about week 5? Going to Zibibo – who confirmed all our assumptions – other businesses we have talked to have been very defensive of problem, and we think where we made ground was learning how to pitch to businesses in a way that took into account their perspective, rather than the customers. So learning how to explain the service with different angles for different audiences has been a big win for us.

What are you looking most forward to at the showcase? Pitching – hearing feedback from people that have been there for the whole journey, but only at intermittent points, so they can see how its developed and give us their opinion. Its hard when we have been so involved all day everyday to get that kind of perspective so we will be seeking it out!

Where are you making progress/ what are you most proud of? Really proud of our pitch. Happy that we are all still alive and kicking, after a gruelling 5 weeks!

Venture Up

Team name: Story Unfolded

Team members? Francisco S, Emily C, Emma F, Liberty T, Eleanor J, Nicholas B.

How are you feeling? Nervous, feeling like things are coming to an end, a bit sad, a bit excited!

Most challenging thing about week 5? Getting lots of feedback on our pitch and having to reword it as best possible – taking it all the opinions on board and spending the hours on it in the weekend to get it up to scratch.

Best thing about week 5? Launching the website –, and getting over 1000 views on our video in that time!

What are you looking most forward to at the showcase? Seeing the audience engage with our pitch and the vibe of the room!

Where are you making progress/ what are you most proud of? We’ve learnt a lot about business, made a lot of connections both within our target audience as well as people we have gathered background info on – once we leave we have a huge support network and everyone we have met is willing to help us, which is hugely supportive.


Venture Up

Team name: Youth on Board

Team members? Joy W, Jimmy P, Cameron O, Logan J.


How are you feeling? Stressed, Exhausted, on the home stretch.

Most challenging thing about week 5? Constantly updating our pitch after hearing feedback from each person that we met – dealing with mentor whiplash.

Most inspiring thing about week 5? Getting a little more self-orientated with the structure of the week, there were less people coming in and more opportunities for us to seek out the contacts that we had made to have more interaction with them.

What are you looking most forward to at the showcase? To hear people’s response to our work, it will be a really good reflection point of where we have come and what we have achieved. Looking forward to taking it in!

Where are you making progress/ what are you most proud of? Our group followed the Lean Startup methodology quite closely – it was quite new to us to be so problem oriented and we spent the first 3 or 4 weeks without a solution while we figured out what worked best, but it definitely paid off for us in the long term. We are proud of how much we have grown in the last 6 weeks – we’ve all learnt a lot from each other, from how to pitch and talk to a business, to how to put a slick slide deck together.

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