Venture Up has begun!

The first ever Venture Up journey has begun!

Participants arrived from all corners of the country and got straight to work on Monday, laying the groundwork for the rest of their six week intensive learning experience. We’re based in a massive studio in the Victoria University Design School, with some amazing facilities and heaps of space for business building. It is only Wednesday of week 1 and already seven teams/businesses have formed, all with an innovative product concept.

In the Venture Up blog over the next few weeks we’ll introduce you to the seven Venture Up teams and talk to them in more depth about their highlights and lowlights, and how their startups are unfolding. Each has an exciting starting point for their Ventures; some have made some exciting industry contacts and all have gotten some great information from both Nick and Oliviah (the awesome Venture Up Programme Director and Programme Manager respectively) and some amazing mentors like Claudia Batten, Nick Rowney and Alan Hucks. We’ll post more on these exciting mentors on Friday- and in the following weeks as more get involved.

One of our awesome programme participants, Stephanie Benseman, talked to us about how the first couple for days have gone for her:
“My hope for this course was to just get experience and learn a few skills to help me with a start-up, but within the first day Venture Up has already exceeded my original expectations by far! I’ve formed an awesome team with a great group of girls who I can’t wait to work with. We’ve gained valuable advice from Claudia Batten through a Skype session, which was definitely a highlight so far. An insightful lesson on pitching prepared us for the evening with new mentors who were extremely helpful. It’s been a cool experience so far and I’m super excited for what’s to come in the following weeks!”

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