Venture Up Roadshow 2016

Venture Up 2016 Roadshow Wrap

Venture Up Roadshow 2016
Keen Venture Up Roadshow participants checking in at the GRID AKL – July 2016

It has been an incredible journey spanning over 11 different locations across New Zealand, connecting with 200+ young, engaged students looking to learn more about entrepreneurship and inspiring hundreds of others to reach for new heights through innovation, new idea thinking & customer discovery. The Venture Up Roadshow seek to deliver a taster of what it would be like to attend the full 6 week accelerator course over summer and give students insights into what they would be learning as a result of being accepted onto a fully funded programme (Shout out to our sponsors and stakeholders!!)

This year was the first of a two pronged approach, where Nick would travel north to cover the top half of the North Island, whilst Oliviah & I would cover the South. It was safe to say there was a bit of competitive spirit between us as we kept each other connected through snaps of participants completing the same challenges on different islands! The journey took us to both innovation hubs around the country and into tertiary institutes that aligned with our missions & values. It was motivating to see so many young faces waiting to take the next step in their own journey and recaptured the reasons as to why we do what we do!

One of the highlights during the journey was being able to go out and connect with a rural school in Taranaki. We grabbed a rental car from the airport and went out to visit them and ran a workshop during one of their classes. It is rewarding to see students click and connect into the material you teach after an hour – imagine what we could achieve if we had 6 full weeks!

This Roadshow would not be possible without the help of a few special people along the way. A huge shout out to the venues who were able to host us during the Roadshow, by providing the resources, facilities and staff who were able to help when we were in need of assistance. A big thank you to the sponsors who contributed resources, alumni who gave up their time to come along and share their stories with the participants, which (according to the feedback) they found really useful. And finally, all those who registered and came along to hear what Venture Up is all about! Without you, there would be no reason for us undertaking the journey so thank you!

That being said, the next step of the Venture Up journey is almost here! Applications for Venture Up 2017 will be opening 1st September (in just over 2 weeks!!) so stay tuned for more updates and spread the word for anyone interested in applying!

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