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VentureUp19: Our teams

Over the past three weeks at #VentureUp19 WGTN, our cohort formed teams and have been working on their startup ideas – and now it’s time to hear more about them.

In week one, we started with some great ideas; from plastic usage to volunteering, career advice to dealing with Alzheimer’s, to “what do people actually use receipts for?” – but where are the teams at now?

Meet our #VentureUp19 teams

VU19 Bounder

Reducing time spent on devices and make screen-time productive

Bounder are helping parents to get their kids off the screen and into the sunshine with an audiobook that puts kids in the shoes of a brave hero or adventurer. These audiobooks come with a neat twist – kids roleplay in-story quests and actions in the real world, from making a cardboard “sword” to exploring the kitchen “cave”.

Dragon Chen | Aimee Tomlinson | Ruth Johnson | Natasha Ong | Jenny Cooley


VU19 Disclose

Give people a chance to experience a taste of potential careers

Disclose gives high school students the chance to hear honest work stories from people on the front line, without the fluff or sugarcoat. The team helps students to make informed career decisions through candid interviews with long-time professionals from lawyers,  to journalists and teachers and many more.

Matt Lloyd | Maisie Palmer | Ruby Janssen | Josh MacKinnon | Georgina King


VU19 Docket

Reducing supermarket waste – starting with paper receipts

Docket are reducing paper receipt waste produced in supermarkets by providing a digital alternative at the checkout. This team are changing retailer practices and consumer habits to address a massive environmental problem created every time we shop.

Alexandra Templeton | Harrison Hitchins | Jess Taing | Jake Fulton


VU19 Glow

Empowering young parents and companies to support them as they return to the workforce

Glow are empowering mums to return to the workforce after raising a child through a mother-centric mentorship programme. You won’t find shallow advise or simple tools within Glow, but you will find honest loving guidance that leaves mums feeling confident and kick-ass.

Kim Matthews | Ethan Yee | Ieesha Turner | Jenni Hamilton


VU19 Lavender

Creating more meaningful relationships between families and their elders

Lavender are helping grandparents and grandchildren to build meaningful relationships through a game that encourages storytelling called “And Then”. This project is broken into two parts as youth struggle to relate to an older generation, while grandparents can easily fall out of step with the rest of the family.

Sam Copp | Mikayla Stokes | Ana Warnock | Finn Carroll


VU19 Project M
Project M 

Reducing plastic waste – starting with cafés

Project M are working with cafés to reduce plastic milk bottle waste through a keg based alternative, like a keg in a bar. The average café burns through 40 one-litre milk bottles per day, which is 40 too many for this team. Sometimes the best innovation comes from using something old in a new place – one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments.  

Luka Licul | Jo Mohan | Michelle Muchemwa | Nimue Strivens | Nick Jackson


VU19 VolantVolant Groceries 

Opening the home-delivered groceries market up to smaller operators

Volant Groceries are providing an online supermarket delivery service that supplies food from multiple providers in one place. This new service gives consumers the chance to take full advantage of all the sales and deals from every supermarket – including some of the smaller operators – while removing an annoying weekly chore. Think of Volant like Spotify for your groceries.

Sopheak Ou  | Shine Wu | Neha Singh | Will Houghton | Benjamin Isaacs


Stay tuned for more updates from the programme!

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