Venture Up 2019 Wellington Week 1

VentureUp19: Week 1 – Building a team from a common goal

Welcome to the programme!

This is the first official blog of the 2019 Wellington Venture Up programme (the leading entrepreneurship programme for New Zealand’s young leaders) – and right here, right now, you can follow along with our journey.

Jeez, how did that happen? #VentureUp19, WGTN, is underway, and more than that – week one is already over and done with!


“Don’t get distracted by solutions that don’t yet have problems”

Tim Foley, Venture Up 2017 alumnus


Day one saw everyone pitch their ideas then vote on their favourites before forming teams around them. There were some great ideas; from plastic usage to volunteering, career advice to dealing with Alzheimers, to “what do people actually use receipts for?”

So that our teams can make the most of their time, we welcomed Julie Treanor to run her Just Lead team session to highlight different working styles that may be found within a team – and how to best communicate and work together.

Venture Up 2019 Wellington Week 1 – Julie Treanor

Each team was challenged to put together their customer journeys and an ‘assumption map’ – what do they know for certain vs what do they need to find out before they can develop their idea into a real-life business proposition?

Other highlights for the week include:

  • Customer interviews!
    We encouraged all our teams to get out of the building, take those assumptions from Day One, and refine their ideas by asking the people with the problems, “what’s the biggest pain point?”
  • Mentor Mixer!
    Every year, we’re super lucky to call on a great bunch of mentors for all of our programmes – Venture Up included – and our cohort put their networking skills to the test after pitching their ideas to those potential mentors…
    Stay tuned to hear a bit more from some of our mentors!

Venture Up 2019 Wellington Week 1 – Mentor Mixer

And that’s it for our first post from #VentureUp19 (yay!) – if you haven’t already, stay up-to-date on all the goings-on via our newsletter and follow us on social for daily content!

Catch you later!

#VentureUp19 programme has now kicked off! Make sure to keep up-to-date through our social channels (Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram) and our mailing list– and stay tuned for more news just around the corner.

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