#VentureUp19 Week 3

VentureUp19: Week 3 – Finding customers…

It’s time to sell, sell, sell here at #VentureUp19 WGTN!

It’s all action for the split week – and Waitangi Day gave our teams a chance to breathe between sales…


“A lot that can be achieved in 24 hrs when you know how to use your time wisely.”

Araina Pereira, Venture Up alumna 2017


With our focus last week on solution testing, and iteration, we’re continuing along the same thread in week three… but with the added elements of sales!

So, how can our teams ask for money based on the solutions they’re still iterating on?

Well, that’s where the awesome Amanda Santos comes in within her “The Art of Sales” workshop. The cohort was mesmerised by Amanda’s energy and flair for something which gives everyone the sweats… cold calling (yuk!). But with some encouragement and simple templates, the cohort was flying across the speed dial. One of the sessions core principles was:

No one has ever sold a product or service, but an idea; an oasis that someone can picture themselves within – a vision of what could be. Before long they forget they were ever sold anything.

Amanda Santos

Other highlights for the week include:

Inspire session with #VentureUp19 mentors
We welcomed some of our mentors into the space to speak more in-depth about their own startup stories. The VU’ers had some great questions for our mentors; Ceara McAuliffe-Bickerton, co-founder of Collaborate, Finn Lawrence, co-founder of Mevo, and Jessie Wong, founder of Yu Mei. Check out our top three questions, and answers below.

Why have a mentor and what effect has it had on you?
All of our mentors had similar views on why they have (or have had) personal and business mentors:
Having a sounding board, someone to guide you, and avoid pitfalls and to generally sense-check the decisions that you’re making.

Tell us more about some of the hardships that come with being an entrepreneur…

  • Finn – Teams pivot, evolve and change ideas. The ability to adapt is key.
  • Jessie – Probably one of the hardest times was also the biggest jump in building Yu Mei. We’d just been to Fashion Week and gone from having 9 suppliers to 36 in that time. We just had to knuckle down to deliver in those early days – but it wasn’t sustainable, fulfilling orders, I think we went non-stop for 4 days and 3 nights!
  • Ceara – I found it can be really hard balancing startup life with a 9–5… and then trying to find time for fun and personal life as well…

How do you balance personal wellness with developing a business?

  • Finn – Remembering to take time for yourself is important, but in all honesty, coming to that realisation is something that I probably only did when I was working on more things than I had time for… now I’ve learned to say no a lot more.
  • Jessie – Yu Mei has now gotten to the point that we’re concentrating on building a sustainable business strategy, but the early days… getting the balance was a journey, and we definitely went through the ‘business first’ stage.
  • Ceara – Create time for yourself, find the things that help you recharge and re-energise! For me, it’s surfing and music but find yours and create space for it. Be honest with yourself and if you need to take a step back – that’s okay!

Bowling Extravaganza!
We took a well deserved – and needed – break from cold-calling, sales, pitching… everything ‘startup’  to take on the pins…
Split into teams, we saw some practiced, pro-bowlers and some… there for the banter and pizza!

We don’t need to talk about who won in the end… but our Programme Manager, Aaron, wouldn’t let us go without celebrating his now two-year reigning-champ title!

#VentureUp19 Week 3Some of the interesting techniques on show – trick-shot only round!

Catch you soon!

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