Venture Up 2018

Meet Aaron, Programme Manager for #VU18

Previously working as a Design Consultant and Assistant Manager at hardware community and startup hub – 1st Assembly in Lower Hutt – Aaron Power is jumping on board as the Programme Manager for Venture Up 2018. Aaron took the time to tell us why #VU18 has drawn him back to Wellington CBD.

Why are you excited to meet the #VU18 cohort?

I’m excited because Venture Up ‘18 suddenly becomes real. All the meetings, phone calls and whiteboard sessions are replaced with a living breathing cohort filled with anticipation and ambition. Finally, I get to meet those who embody New Zealand’s future, and I’m one of the lucky few who shapes that potential – it’s hard not to get excited by that prospect.

What has been your biggest learning curve as an adult?

Learning to temper the high standards I set for myself; To learn to be patient, understanding and aware of my current context, state of mind and skill; To always push myself, but not tear myself apart when things don’t come together perfectly. Perfectionism anchored by realism.

What’s your leadership style and why do you think it’s effective?

My leadership style focuses on finding clever ways to solve a problem, by honing the skills and resources within a team. I always place my trust and faith in those around me and remain open to the views and ideas of everyone. However, I’m not afraid to challenge anyone who undermines the team and task at hand. Most importantly, I believe my style is effective because I’m not possessive of leadership.

Read more about the team working on #VU18; we previously heard from Lingy, the Programme Director for #VU18, Stay in the loop with all the latest news from Venture Up by jumping on our mailing list.

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