Venture Up 2018 Kelcey Braine

Meet Kelcey, Design & Brand Coordinator for #VU18

After working on half a dozen accelerator programmes, Kelcey Braine – the Design and Brand Coordinator for Venture Up 2018 – took some time out to tell us what makes the #VU18 the programme the next one in line for her.

Why are you excited to meet the #VU18 cohort?

I’m excited every time I get to meet a new cohort – the combination of great ideas, energetic and passionate teams. With Venture Up, I have the added bonus of getting to meet great, motivated people who I believe can and will be shaping the future on a global scale, not just their own. I’m excited to hear the new concepts, the goals the participants set for themselves, and the chance to work with #VU18 to support each person on their journey.

What has been your biggest learning curve as an adult?

I left university and moved to London for an internship. Within a few months, I landed a job with a marketing agency and I think I learned more in the first 3–6 months in the agency than in my entire 4-year course at uni! The pace of work, self-set expectations… I think the next time I really pushed myself and my learning capacity was when I arrived in New Zealand – I knew two people in the country and decided I wanted to gain a different type of experience to what I’d done before. Creative HQ has provided that and pushed me to keep learning so far!

Share an inspiring example of leadership you’ve experienced.

The first Creative Director I worked for told me that she always aimed to hire somebody who was better than her for at least one thing. She said “there’s no point hiring somebody for something that I can already do ‘ok’. I want to hire people who will make it awesome and make the team better, for both our business and our clients.” To me, that is really empowering – especially as somebody that she hired – as it gave me confidence in my own abilities, and was contributing to the team in such a way. I think that experience has inspired and shaped how I approach work as well as who I work with.

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