The inaugural Venture Up programme ran in 2015 with 27 young entrepreneurs selected to take part.

The teams took a running leap at building their own ventures.

The programme had tremendous support from every corner of the startup eco-system. The mentors were able to guide the teams throughout the journey and speakers stepped up to pass on their words of wisdom. Our generous friends at Victoria University Design school and Wellington City Council made the programme possible with many other supporting organisations making contributions to our future leaders.

Venture Up 2015 Report 🔗

Each year, we put together a report to summarise insights from the programme.


“You can end up going through many things before you find success.”

Shannon Sologar EL PALEO
Sohler Homes

Providing solutions for the housing crisis.


Connects employers and job seekers.

Tribe Energy Drink

A healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks.


A healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks.


Real time sentiment analysis software for supporting stakeholders.


Flexible bags for your quad bike.

El Paleo

Paleo Chocolate.