35 people joined Venture Up for the 2017 edition of Venture Up. The teams were based in Auckland thanks to the support of the local organisations Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development (ATEED) and Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

There were 7 ventures formed from software companies to hardware companies. Once again, there was a successful Showcase with individuals now connected into the startup ecosystem. A lot of the individuals have stayed in the startup world and are using the skills they’ve gained during Venture Up in their everyday lives.

Venture Up 2017 Report 🔗

Each year, we put together a report to summarise insights from the programme.


“Venture Up has given me the mindset to look at ‘problems’ as opportunities and the confidence to go for it.”


Developing fully immersive workshops for high school leavers, teaching basic life skills necessary to survive on their own.


Thrift is an apparel company tackling textile waste within NZ, creating fashion accessories made from recycled textiles and building community awareness.

Hand Up

Hand Up is a social enterprise passionate about using books and media to educate and bring awareness to key issues of our time.

Lucid Us

Helps local tourism businesses employ youth interns to manage their social media.


Improving your spending habits through their personalised app, creating an augmented reality of your achieved saving goals.


A weight-sensing shelving system that sends real-time stock data direct to store managers and buyers.


Eases the transition into University by connecting student experiences online, providing valuable insights from people who have gone through it before.