Week 2 – Over & Out!!!

The end of the week is welcomed in all senses of the phrase. And what a week it has been! Teams have been settling into the space and there is a noticeable shift in focus with all the teams kicking into work mode – heads down and fingers typing.

Monday had the lovely Jessica Manins from Bizdojo stopping by to share her two cents on what it takes to create a culture, how to craft your story and how to own it like your life depended on it! Always ask why, why, & why until you boil it down to the absolute core of what you are trying to achieve and what a perfect time to do it. The beginning of the week also saw one of many site visits introduced into Venture Up with the first being 8i – a virtual reality (VR) gem based in Wellington making huge waves locally and internationally.

For those who have not had any contact with Amanda Santos, you’ re missing out! The sales guru came in and kicked the young Venture Up’ers into gear, challenging them to get out of the building and start talking to anyone and everyone who was getting in between them and success. The same day ended with another quick fire site visit with everyone making their way down to the head office at both Trademe & Xero on a real life example of startup success, in a NZ context. The exact same values & practices were reflected which cemented the groups learnings making for a well rounded day.

Mid-week saw the very experienced serial startup mind of Rollo Wenlock dropping golden advice for anyone who has been thinking of starting a business and what it takes to be able to pull it off. Some called it the ‘Rolloroaster’, others nicknaming him the chef as pitches commenced on each teams customers and statistics of each segment breakdown and Rollo giving his brute, honest opinion on everyone’s venture.

Anyone involved with any business knows how crucial it is to get design right from the get go. That is why design expert Max Bessone was called upon having had years of experience in the industry, challenging the groups to push the boundaries and think outside of the box when it comes to their own personal branding and logos. Max has decided to offer his time 3 times a week and work as a design consultant for any ventures that may need advice, guidance and any design related queries answered so Venture Up is lucky to have a man of such Italian flare to assist. With the weather not playing ball, the trip to Oriental beach to get out of the building wasn’t meant to be so startup company Wellington Watersports brought the fun indoors with founder Saimon Lomaloma sharing his story on how he came about his business. It was great to see the guys interacting & asking questions as speakers and visitors are never short of any story or advice to pass on.

Flick Electricity Co. probably doesn’t have too much meaning to you now, but it will. Jessica Venning-Bryan, a marketing and branding expert from Flick, came in with an absolute clear focus on defining each and every team’s value proposition and anyone who wasn’t clear on why their business existed, soon found an answer. The powerful yet emotional aspect of owning a love mark brand is crucial in putting distance between you and your competitor and Jessica was the perfect person to emphasize this.

Next week will see some familiar faces drop back into the mix with the Rollinator checking back in with the teams and another site visit ending with halfway celebrations on Venture Up 2016!!! How fast has this programme moved!? Blink and you’ll miss it so stay in touch with the latest and greatest from the teams here at Venture Up!

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