Venture Up 2017 at Colab NZ

Week 2 – Getting Up & Reconnecting

Venture Up 2017 at Colab NZ
Venture Up 2017 at Colab NZ

Continuing on from the boot camp in December where teams were formed, week 2 was all about the customers and customer experiments. Teams were challenged to narrow down the problem they had and have a clear picture of who their customers are, where to find them and create scripts on how to approach them.

Throughout the process, assumptions were formed and blasted away equally as fast. “GOOB” or Getting Out Of the Building was a huge feature talking to potential customers and finding out what their problems were and turning it into validated learning. Concepts such as Early Adopters and Customer Personas were explored as well as each team coming up with Customer Scripts, identifying different ways to approach their potential market.

With a few familiar faces around having Venture Up alumni drop in with words of wisdom, it has always been a tight nit startup community and there was no exception from Jenny & Kareena of The Misprint Co. Their paper re-purposing business came out of an accelerator called Lightning Lab manufacturing run down in Wellington by Creative HQ aiming to reduce waste paper and make beautifully crafted notebooks as a result. It was a pleasure having them Skype in from Wellington and the likes of social media guru DK come into AUT and impart his experiences and knowledge to the wider group.

It was also a huge week with the mentor mixer happening at the spacious ColabNZ building where teams got up to pitch their ideas to potential mentors and the mentors in turn, had to pitch themselves and what they had to offer to their potential team. There is no question that mentors have played a tremendous role in success for early stage startup companies and the role these mentors will play goes beyond business for our young student entrepreneurs.

To finish off the week on a high, the teams took to the local bowling ally to let loose on their skills and have a little fun! Needless to say, if entrepreneurship doesn’t work out, we may have some champion up and coming bowlers in the mix!

There is a definite shift in gear that has been felt by all looking forward to week 3 where product/ market fit and MVP demos are introduced into the programme so stay tuned for more updates as well as another video update introducing more new faces in the spaces of Venture Up 2017!

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