Robett Hollis @ Venture Up 2017

Week 3 – It’s Getting Real!

Robett Hollis @ Venture Up 2017
Robett Hollis @ Venture Up 2017


We’re 3 week in and what a ride it has been! This week, the teams have really felt the full force of being part of an accelerator where a week feels almost like 3! At this stage, the late nights and crazy eating habits start to kick in and it doesn’t take too long to be able to guess who is struggling and who has managed themselves to get this far!

The week started off with one of our lovely mentors Melanie Langlotz of Geo AR Games giving the Venture Up team a taste of what their potential market may be and how to map it out to arrive at the final destination! The teams managed to get out of the building for the afternoon testing their hypotheses and really focusing on their potential solutions  from the customer data sets gathered from the previous week.

Grabbing the opportunity of having Adriana Christie of The Pallet Kingdom in the room to talk about design was the perfect way to get teams thinking about brands and creating their own for each venture. The afternoon didn’t lend much time for teams being able to apply the advice given before they were whisked away to the magical studios of Conical & their very successful story of “The Green Fairy“, that has shot them into the spotlight of virtual/ augmented  reality. If you haven’t met Alejandro Davila, you are missing out.

The list of inspiring speakers doesn’t stop there. The lovely Samantha Jones of Little Yellow Bird, who design and manufacture custom uniforms from Wellington phoned in via Skype to give the teams a quick lesson on how they manage customer support and the methods in how it can be managed effectively in a startup situation, especially when you there is only 2 of you working full time!

The Venture Up crew don’t only work hard, they play hard too!! We encourage all to get out of the building for customer validation but also in terms of having a balance in life. After a long day at Colab, the team took a short stroll over to Albert Park where a mixture of the deadliest game of soccer (10 on 10 in the space of 10 meters) took place, along with volleyball, passing a rugby ball and various team challenges were held. Needless to say everyone got some fresh air that day.

One of our mentors Anne Walsh of Unilever then stepped in to talk about the different types of partnerships and how to best use partnerships to propel your business forward which was well received by the teams! It was at this point where it that energy levels were noticeably  low, teams were struggling and roadblocks were popping up at every intersection. Inject an inspiring speaker like Robett Hollis of ColabNZ and you have a new perspective on how to get ‘ish done!

The week rounded off with inviting Rebecca Giddall, of PartTimer, a Venture Up 2016 alumni back into the mix with her co-founder/ investor Viv to share experiences of the past/ future was valuable to those looking to find out what life is like on the other side once Venture up is all wrapped! Check back next week where we aim to get sales and marketing locked down and ready to go!

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