Venture Up 2016

Week 5 – Last push to the final showcase!!!

Venture Up 2016
Oliviah giving her final thoughts before showcase night – February 2016

Week 5 has come around quicker than anyone has anticipated with the teams now fully focused on pitching at Wellington City Gallery next Tuesday night 16th February 2016! There is so much excitement in the air with multiple projects going on all at the same time including tweaking business concepts, increasing sales, polishing pitches and creating simple yet effective slides.

With a shorter week once again due to Waitangi day, the teams enjoyed a longer weekend but had to fit more in a shorter amount of time. With the topic of financials and governance, we brought in Dave Allison, a man who isn’t afraid to get involved with numbers to provide an insight into an investors decision making process while showing the importance of knowing your financial information back to front! A trip over to Bizdojo meeting up with Jessica Manins once again proved valuable to show how cool the co-op space is for anyone wanting other options to continue with their ventures.

We had special guests from Vizbot drop in the next morning to practice their pitch for a competition called Webstock BNZ Startup Alley, where the winner would take home prizes worth thousands of dollars. This proved useful for the Venture Up’ers being on the other side asking questions and critiquing their presentation while learning how to improve theirs simultaneously. Anyone who has tried to get funding knows the pain of how tough it is to secure money. That is why we called on Brett Holland from Creative HQ to have a chat about the realities of raising capital in NZ and how to go about doing so.

The next day started very early with some teams getting up and ready to pitch by 8am at Creative HQ! Practice makes perfect and it is very important for each of the teams to continuously repeat and improve before the big night. The day wrapped up with the whole crew heading down to the St. James theatre where they would get the opportunity to see 6 great ventures battling it out head to head to see who would come away with the top prize at the Webstock BNZ Startup Alley night.

For anyone who knows Suse Reynolds, you would know that she is such a sweetheart, but don’t let that pink sweater fool you! As an executive director for Angel HQ, she is well known among her peers for the strategic direction she provides within the group and having her share opinions on what the guys at Venture Up need to focus on in the next couple of days is invaluable. The week finished with a quick visit to the Wellington City Gallery where the crew were able to familiarize themselves with the venue before the big night. With not long to go, don’t forget to RSVP to the event through the website .

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