Venture Up 2017 @ The Icehouse

Week 5 – The Final Run

Venture Up 2017 @ The Icehouse
Venture Up 2017 @ The Icehouse
With Auckland anniversary stealing a day away from our participants, there was no time to waste as the teams geared up for the second to last week of the Venture Up programme! The focus of the week was financials and learning about governance structures within a startup context so it was fitting to have Anteni & Paul from Deloitte drop in to give the low down on how to make your finances work for you! Days are long but nights are equally as busy with the teams managing to squeeze some time to head down to the GridAKL to see the amazing story of how Canva grew so rapidly at the late night event over at Startup Grind.
The next day, the ever inspiring Finn Lawrence of Creative HQ then dropped in to give his 10 cents of what it takes to run an effective business with real time examples applicable to his own startup Mevo – a car sharing scheme taking off and experiencing success in Wellington! In true accelerator fashion, the teams were swiftly whisked away to The Icehouse, Auckland’s business growth hub for a quick introduction to the space and the team over at First Cut Ventures – a student run venture fund investing in and supporting young kiwi founders. Needless to say, any of the founders would put your 18 year old self to shame.
During the course of governance & finance, there is no one in a better position to provide advice other than Victoria Crone, formerly managing director of Xero, head of boards across multiple organisations (including Creative HQ!) and mayoral candidate for Auckland!
Ahead of next week, teams were eager to practice their pitches so slots were built in to the programme but non more daunting than heading over to the GridAKL for an event known as “Idea Show & Tell”, where teams booked a slot and were able to share their ideas to the wider community. It was no surprise that the night was dominated by teams from both Venture Up and Live the Dream accelerator respectively but incredibly proud of these “go-getters” pitching at every opportunity they get!
The week rounded off with Sian Simpson of dialing in from San Francisco speaking on going global and how her company Kiwi Landing Pad are helping kiwi companies do just that! It has been an intense week with another long weekend (Waitangi Day) install for the Venture Up crew coming up. More challenges await for the final week as teams navigate the mad flurry of last minute preparations ahead of the final showcase next Thursday! Stay tuned for more!

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