Week Five – Wrap Up

What a difference a day makes… these five day weeks are gruelling when the one preceding is a tight four day-er! But the teams pushed through and achieved some amazing things as the penultimate Showcase draws near and the final days of Venture Up approach.

With a focus on building growth, highlights from the week included:

Day 1 – tailored ‘Finance 101’ sessions for individual teams with Jon Mellors and Kevin Summerhays from Deloitte

Day 2 – follow up on finance and business models with Dave Allison, weekly round of resilience training with Nick Rowney, awesome field trip to Good Nature (pictured)


Day 3 – Simon Swallow (pictured) sharing his insights and advice on raising capital, Melissa Clark-Reynolds (pictured) dishing out the goods on ‘getting the most from your board and advisors’

Day 4 – Sam Knowles drawing from his wealth of experience on ‘the role of people in successful teams’, Anna Guenther popping by to follow up on crowd funding for projects or equity, pitch practice & dinner with mentors at CHQ

Day 5 – pitch feedback from startup guru, Dave Moskovitz

Musings from our weekly retrospective were many and varied. The journey for the VU crew has been a roller-coaster of opportunities and challenges – personal and professional lessons have come thick and fast. What blows my mind is the energy and tenacity these guys have to stay on the ride.

At this stage, one thing is certain – the crew are amped to bring their ‘A’ game next Wednesday evening. As the countdown to Showcase begins, it’s game on… and we intend to smash it out of the park.

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