Week Four – Wrap Up

Another week down and the retrospective boasted musings and lessons on many fronts. Themes included ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’, ‘courage and confidence count’ and the ever present ‘value of time management and prioritising with purpose’. Participants had a jam-packed four days to earn their long weekend – balancing inspiration and education sessions with the ramping venture activity (read: meetings, meetings, meetings – which can, I assure you, be conducted entirely over text)…


With an overall focus on sales, highlights included:

Day 1 – Anna Guenther, Chief Bubble Blower from Pledgeme, coming in to share her story and key lessons so far.

Day 2 – review of market validation, moving into product validation and sales with resident fave – Amanda Santos, Tim Bennett (CE of NZX) sharing insights from his broad international, and more recently local, experience.

Day 3 – visits from Sam Bonney (past programme manager for Lightning Lab) and Sarah Gibbs (Trilogy co-founder and Director). Joseph Slater coming in to talk ‘sales and marketing on a shoestring’ before hosting an awesome field trip to the Six Barrell Soda HQ.

Day 4 – full morning pitching workshop with Mark Vivian (Movac partner and fund manager), and film night – ‘The Internet’s Own Boy’.

With only two weeks remaining, the pressure is increasing on this incredible bunch of bright young things. They’re going to need a three day break – come Monday, it’s game on!


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