Week Three – Half Way

What a way to end the third week at Venture Up, marking the milestone of our halfway point… Hanging with Rhys Faleafa, after his inspiring speaking session, and enjoying the finest burgers and fizz at the ‘coolest little capital’ local icon Ekim Burgers. The week may have been a tough one, but the sun shone, and smiles were wide – halfway celebrations abound!

Highlights of what the Venture Up crew got up to this week:

Day 1: Agile 101 – a ‘quick-and-dirty’ lesson on daily stand-ups and Kanban boards (which, as it turns out, revolutionised productivity for most!), a super session with super-woman Rachel Taulelei.

Day 2: More, more, more on market validation with sales guru Amanda Santos.

Day 3: Sponsor event with Victoria University, Wellington City Council and YET movers and shakers – compelling team presentations, probing Q & A and a good round of networking to finish off.

Day 4: Field trip to start-up darling – the one and only Xero – taking a tour and hearing (so many pearls of wisdom) from Head Designer, Phillip Feirlinger.

Day 5: Field trip to film and TV heavy-hitter, Gibson Group – getting the inside story from awesome CE Victoria Spackman and witnessing the (fully interactive) onscreen magic.

Day 6 (yep, the truly committed even come in on the weekend!): Code Smashers – full day Intro to Web Design workshop.

I’m exhausted just writing this, imagine hearing and experiencing it all while pushing your venture to the next stage. The participants have learnt so much this week, and their projects are moving ahead in leaps and bounds because (and in despite) of it.

A huge thank you to all who played a part in the awesomeness of this week – the participants are blown away by the generosity of time and interest from all our contributors – your impact is marked!

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