Venture Up 2015

Week Two Wrap Up


The beauty of experiencing a perceived negative is the golden opportunity to understand it and turn it into a positive…

This week’s retrospective yielded several themes from participants’ reflections: the need to set clear goals and actions daily, everyone has their ‘down day’ and that’s okay, and a term becoming ever more common in the Venture Up vernacular – ‘mentor whiplash’ – and what the heck to do about it, ouch!

Participants had a lot thrown at them this week as they moved beyond the novelty and excitement of week one. A few highlights (after a lovely, long Anniversary weekend) included:

Day 1: Going another round on ‘resilience’ with Nick Rowney, hanging with Tim Alpe as he shared the story of his own remarkable entrepreneurial journey and all things Jucy.

Day 2: The art and science of the Customer Survey with Greg Twemlow, CHQ Startup Manager, Ezel Kokcu sharing the STQRY story along with insights and tips for young entrepreneurs – particularly how to keep the motivation alive, Owen Evans touting the value and means for measuring early customer success. Phew!

Day 3: Field Trip to local heroes Wellington Chocolate Factory before co-founder and CE, Gabe Davidson, came back to base to delight us with his start-up sagas.

Day 4: Phil Veal sharing further insights and tips from his extensive background in acquisitions and investment, steeped in a passion for Kiwis doing business globally.

In amongst this, teams were hitting the streets and social media avenues to validate their ideas and potential markets, building relationships with assigned mentors and even visiting potential manufacturing partners. The ambition and determination of the VU crew is inspiring. If they can realise even half the learnings they want to carry through to next week, it’s going to be a doozy.

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